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2009-08-14 15:05:20 by AgentTony

need new board i have resorted to wood glue
please i need cash donations
send it to 86 48 127th street apt 2r

Rant on Call of duty 4

2009-08-11 21:32:59 by AgentTony

/* */
Yup thats write i made a video

let this be a lesson

2009-08-10 04:03:50 by AgentTony

to anyone that says toy story isnt real

let this be a lesson

to every one

2009-08-09 15:21:37 by AgentTony

who actually reads this post i am now posting videos on you tube
my acc name is Blindsk8ter127
so look out for my next single MY SALSA

to every one


2009-08-08 13:58:03 by AgentTony

With life and the parents so anoyoing for no reason at all
when they point a finger I point one back at them
but not the index, or the pinkie, the ring, or the thumb
it's the one the one you stick up when you dont give a fuck
i don't care if you hit me, i don't care if you ground me
ill snap and ill kill
ill be on tv just like chris benvoir
ill shoot you and whoever gets into my way
finally when i'm done
put the gun too my head head leave note to
anyone who cares
pull the trigger
say goodbye too everyone i love, your better off now
now say hello too the devil himself
who is now scared of me
he says do what you want just leave me be
I smile and cry
I say oh why
why mom why didnt you leave me be
always accusing me
saying I hate you you piece of shit
im going to stab you
i hate all your friends they drive you crazy
and the stoopids games you play the controlling your mind
I look up once more all I see is hell but i'm still at home
mommie asks why are you crying
I say cuz off you
your supposed to put me up not drag me down to your level
I just want to be me
without the criticism or hipocracie
or the times you say why oh why me
now I just think
you did this so now you pay ill treat you this way
but for now i need you just wait 4 more years
you gonna see me gone all thats left is is a picture of me and you
with you being burned and a mirror in front
ill help you right now but thats about it
cause your the one who put me through this shit
so love while it lasts just right now
cause the will close with a final pow
of your youngest child



2009-08-08 03:42:23 by AgentTony

I no finally a new post well guess what Bam Margera rules I would show you a video but I'm too lazy
search him up on youtube you lazy bums but ill show a pic w8 no you search it up thought*Lazy bastuds* no just joking your cool *no your not im just saying it*

still wanna play

2009-08-04 21:11:04 by AgentTony

this ia a pokemon nintendo ds stylus

still wanna play

so tired

2009-08-04 02:33:24 by AgentTony

this was the longest skate day ever

What some girls think

2009-08-03 11:41:31 by AgentTony

this is only for some girls the others dont know how to use this ability

What some girls think

I Have A.D.D

2009-08-02 06:34:16 by AgentTony FhVw