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i got her a bear

2010-01-03 08:11:32 by AgentTony

but on a non related subject how are you guys doin out there! im just me, i took a quiz and said that im bipolar! if you know me comment if you think this is true. ok i have no idea, but is New Moon still in theaters? well thats bout it




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2010-01-03 17:29:31

Why the fuck would you possibly wanna see New Moon?

AgentTony responds:

my girl wants to and if she wants to why not?


2010-01-04 15:37:44

Anything even remortely related to Twilight sucks dude.

AgentTony responds:

i no my girl loves them tho


2010-01-04 17:29:22

you are bi........ sexual

AgentTony responds:

no, just straight


2010-01-04 17:29:53

ferris its to get his girl to pray with her mouth open

AgentTony responds:

what? i kinda get you but still dont know?


2010-01-08 13:00:55

Tell you girl to read a real book.

AgentTony responds:

lol yeah