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I broke night

2009-12-31 07:33:53 by AgentTony

im not cryin tho, ng just doensnt have a *yaaaawwwwwwwwn* yawn button. im tired as hell. i've been on facebook all night. if you want to follow me like my status updates and crap here it is my facebook
ya and my youtube page is like idk 3 clicks down. ooooooooooooooh pokemon dp battle demension is on. *yawn bye*

is tired as hell,


P.S. new icon pic


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2009-12-31 18:01:41

well like sanjay would say nobody cares

AgentTony responds:

................ happy new year's, jerk!


2010-01-02 11:07:44

same too you fellow clan member XD

(Updated ) AgentTony responds:

lol btw r u up?