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The Winter Concert

2009-12-17 23:57:12 by AgentTony

Was off the hizzy. I did not expect a spectatular performance by the Chorus, Band, And Dance classes.h and if you didn't know kevin was playin the Trombone in the concert. from what I heard he was playing fairly well. So don't rip on him please. I of coarse was taking pictures of the performances for the school year book.

is still amazed by the school concert,



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2009-12-18 09:19:51

holy shit
you're from the CIA
great to meet you sir
[offers to shake hands]

AgentTony responds:

[takes handshake]
great to meet you, xellon of newgrounds


2009-12-18 19:12:29

... NATALIE HAD HARD NIPPLES nahh for real though

AgentTony responds:

it was GLORIOUS!!!!